AdUX policy regarding privacy and use of cookies

AdUX is an Internet agency. AdUX’s activity consists in acting as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers in order to display advertising campaigns. In doing so, AdUX is aiming to offer the most pertinent advertisements to Internet users.

In order to enrich your surfing experience on the publisher’s website, AdUX is looking for the advertisements that you should be interested in.

These ads are automatically selected according to predetermined criteria reflecting the content of the pages or the categories of websites/Apps/Mobile sites you are surfing on, as well as by the information that you could have chosen to share with AdUX at the time of your inscription on various websites or services.

In order to do this, AdUX is communicating with your computer through advertising cookies.


A cookie is a tiny computer file used by digital networks professionals to exchange a restricted amount of information with the Internet user’s device.

Cookies may be used, for example, to record the browsing preferences selected by an Internet user when visiting a website, or to record the login entered on a website requiring identification, or the content of a basket when shopping online, etc.

The features and information stored in each cookie vary according to the type of service and website it is associated with.

An advertising targeting cookie will permit to identify different criteria for the purpose of managing the display of advertising campaigns.

A non advertising targeting cookie will permit to block the setting up of an advertising targeting cookie. A non advertising targeting cookie is automatically sent to the Internet user’s device when he expressed his choice not to receive personalized advertisements.

As part of its activity, AdUX is currently using different advertising cookies.

The nature, duration, details and purposes of cookies used by AdUX are detailed hereafter:

Plateform Type Cookie Validity Description
AdUX RP __uuid 30 days Identifying a user on the platform retargeting product.
AdUX RP optout 720d if max-age, 09-Jan-2029 if expires Manages optout on the platform
AdUX CS him_uuid 365 days Identifying a user on the platform Cookie Store.
AdUX CS him_members 300d if max-age, 31.dec.2050 if expires (Internet Explorer <= 8) Attaches a him_uuid with member_id . A member_id being an identifier of the data source.
Leadplace* Container tag 6 months Synchronization with the DSP Leadplace cookie
Leadplace* DSP Container tag 3 months Allows display of the advertising campaigns through a marketplace.
*Note as part of its partnership with the TEMELIO, AdUX is led to drop these cookies that are operated by TEMELIO. AdUX technical display partners may also use cookies in the course of their activities. These cookies are not deployed by AdUX (For informative purpose only):
Plateform Cookie
Xandr uuid2
Xandr uuid2 (opt out)
Xandr sess
Xandr icu
Xandr anj
Xandr token
Xandr acb
Krux _kuid_
Krux _kuid_
Krux _kuid_
Krux X-ServedBy
Smart pid
Smart pdomid
Smart vs
Smart iab
Smart pbw
Smart pbwmaj6
Smart sasd/sasd2
Smart Trk***
Smart dyncdn
Smart comp, compginc2, compgb
Smart TestIfCookie/TestIfCookieP
Ezakus Cf (Art 3)
Liverail Cf (Art 3)
Moat Cf (Art 3)

Controlling advertising cookies

Advertising cookies information are used by AdUX for the display of personalized advertisements. Other advertising networks may also provide you with personalized ads, through a similar operating principle and regardless of AdUX.

In order to provide you with a better control and an easier way to access and manage advertising cookie, we invite you to visit the following website gathering the most important advertising networks.

You can choose to accept or decline advertising cookies from each advertising network.

You can also choose to decline AdUX network advertising cookies by clicking here.

Finally, you can get further information regarding AdUX technical display partners’ policies and you can choose to accept or decline their advertising cookies by clicking there:

Note: If you choose to decline targeting cookies from a network, you will only see non-personalized ads from this network. Your computer will however still receive technical cookies and also non targeting cookies.

Go further

To block or permanently disable cookies on your computer (Important: some services and websites may require cookies to be enabled in order to function properly, please check your browsing requirements before disabling):

  • Google Chrome : Press Ctrl + Maj + Suppr
  • Internet Explorer : Press Alt + X then select « Option » tab
  • Mozilla Firefox : Click on the Firefox menu and select « Confidentiality »

Privacy protection

Whenever you visit an Internet website/service or fill in online identification form, we advise you to always check that the Internet websites or services you visit have in place a privacy policy that protects your personal data. You should also check how cookies are used on the concerned website/service.

AdUX is a member of EDAA program ( AdUX commits with other online industry’s leading businesses to self-regulations outlining good practice aimed at enhancing transparency and consumer control when advertisements using behavioral information and criteria are delivered.

Complaints Handling

For any requests/complaints, please send your request:
  • By mail to the following address « AdUX DPO 101-109 rue Jean Jaurès 92300 Levallois-Perret » 
  • By email to the following address [email protected] 
Thank you for clearly mentioning the nature and details of your request/complaint.

Update information

Version 4 : May 2020

AdUX “policy regarding privacy and use of cookies” may be modified at any time by AdUX for the purposes of complying with i) current regulations changes, ii) new AdUX products and services. Any changes will remain compliant with AdUX’s commitments to promote responsible advertising practices.

We invite you to consult our privacy protection policy at regular intervals.